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Underfloor Heating

Perfect for use with a renewable heat source, a carefully designed underfloor heating

Complete and Efficient Underfloor heating system

If you’re looking for a way to heat your home that’s efficient, long lasting and frees up space on your walls then why not try underfloor heating?

We make certain the underfloor heating product and design is suitable for your requirement to ensure the system works as it should and without any issues.

With over 15 years of experience and knowledge in under-floor heating you’ll get the best advice from our expert engineers who are trained to install many different types of UFH system and have been installing for many years.

What’s more, we’ll ensure that you have peace of mind well after the job has been done and for many years to come. You’ll receive a two year workmanship warranty and a UFH warranty up to 10 years.

How to get your new installation in 3 Simple steps

Book an appointment with an expert advisor

Simply call 0208 813 4000, and book an appointment for a time and date that suits you. Our adviser will come and do an assessment of your home and talk you through your options. You can also send us your plan drawings to for us to assess. Then we’ll give you a fixed price quote.

We carry out the installation

Our expert UFH engineer will arrive on the date you’ve chosen. When they’re done, they’ll show you how to use your system works. They’ll make sure they leave your home neat and tidy before they go.

We ensure you’re a customer for life.

After your boiler or heating system is installed we ensure that you have peace of mind and are looked after for many years to come. You receive a 2 year workmanship warranty and a UFH warranty up to 10 years.

For more information on Underfloor Heating visit our dedicated page with more information on the different types of systems.

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Warm water Underfloor heating has been around for over 2000 years, the concept behind Underfloor heating is very simple, using a much larger floor area the Underfloor heating pipes generate a much more evenly spread heat source, meaning the system can run at a lower temperature saving you costs on your fuel bills, Underfloor heating acts like a big evenly spread out radiator gently heating the room from the ground up, this requires approximately 20% less energy to achieve the same level of comfort experienced by a traditional radiator.

There are many different advantages to using warm water Underfloor heating, the main one is the energy saved by heating a larger floor space at a lower temperature, other advantages include, more freedom of design from the developers point as radiators take up valuable wall space, also the convection style heating from a radiator systems means the warmest part of the room is the ceiling void, this obviously being a waste of heating and energy. As the warm water underfloor heating radiates slowly through the floor it gives off a much more even heat.

Warm water is circulated from the boiler to the electrically switched zone valves this is for all radiators and underfloor heating. When the room stat calls for heat the water then passes through the zone valves and then into the manifold where the water is circulated through continuous lengths of plastic pipe incased in the floor, which is run at a lower temperature (typically 50°C) whereas radiators are (70°C).
The Extension kits are designed to provide a solution for underfloor heating to single zone extensions + conservatories with a proposed concrete or sand and cement screed floor area up to 40m2, the manifold setup provides excellent water temperature control, blending the hot water from your heating system down to the safe temperatures used in warm water underfloor heating systems.
Our kits include the electrical controls and valves that enable your warm water underfloor system to operate independently from your existing heating system, in line with current building regulation part L.
Perfect for use with a renewable heat source, a carefully designed underfloor heating system offers high efficiency, and maximum cosiness from the ground up.
Hot water delivered to the underfloor heating manifold from the heat source is blended until the correct temperature is reached. In most boiler-fed systems this will be between 40˚C and 55˚C but in a heat pump system can be as low as 30˚C, increasing the efficiency of the heat pump. Ramki will always take into account the heat source when designing a system and specify the flow temperature needed for each room to maintain comfort levels.