Looking after our lambs

Did you know that around the world there are 2.6 million children under the age of 15 living with HIV?

As a parent, the thought of not being able to care for, support and provide a stable future for my kids just doesn’t bear thinking about, and so when I came across Tribes a few years ago, who have the same passion and ethos for their Tribe of Lambs kids, it struck a chord.I’ve been following the Tribe of Lambs journey from the beginning mainly through social media, and I now know the founders Bobbi Jo and Phil pretty well.

They’ve done an incredible job at making a hugely positive difference to the lives of children living with HIV in India. Although I never doubted they would, because from the moment I met them I knew they had hearts of gold.

Bobbi Jo and Phil set-up Tribe of Lambs to help empower HIV positive children forge their future. HIV unfortunately breeds through stigma and discrimination and as a result these children through no fault of their own are often left homeless and alone.

Tribes is a 100% non-profit organisation who create beautiful bespoke pieces of jewelry to fund the children’s education and tuition and to rent spaces and safe places for them to grow and develop.

“I’ve known the founders Bobbi Jo and Phil for a few years and from the moment I met them I knew they had hearts of gold.”

Their want for togetherness, being a tribe, is what makes this organisation special. Speaking to Bobbi and Phil makes you truly see the vision they have and the enthusiasm that beams from them when they talk about wanting to help others – to make the world a better place. Why wouldn’t you want to be part of the Tribe of Lambs?

Well, we at Ramki Heating knew we wanted to be part of it. We wanted to support the Tribe in some way, so we decided to give a small part of our profit away every time we sell a service. Now, when we install a boiler we contribute £50 to the tribe, for every service we carry out we donate £3, and for every gas certificate we produce we give £2. These small amounts add up to make a huge difference in children’s lives and the Tribe is at hand to ensure ourdonations are used carefully.

“So far we’ve helped 57 children with HIV start their education journey.”

But the truth is, we do the easy bit by raising money, it’s the selfless people on the ground doing the doing who are the true heroes.I’m just pleased that through our family business we are making a small but meaningful contribution to the development of the children in their communities.

Our engineers are encouraged to educate our customers about our partnership with the Tribe of Lambs, not to ask for donations but to spread awareness for such a good cause. If a customer wants to contribute, well it’s up to them.Tribe of Lambs is steaming ahead with their work currently teaming up with Rays to help build homes for the children, so all our donations from our services will contribute to the build of these homes.

“Our engineers are encouraged to educate our customers about our partnership with the Tribe of Lambs, not to ask for donations but to spread awareness.”

I’m immensely proud of Bobbi and Phil, who I now consider friends, setting up such a meaningful organisation, and seeing the difference they are making to children in India – it’s amazing. The love and selflessness that Bobbi and Phil offer through the Tribe of Lambs is incredible.

And, from our contribution, we go home at night knowing that Ramki Heating is not only providing the future foundations for my children and the children of our employees, but that we’re contributing to the futures of children in other less fortunate communities than ours. It gives my business and all of us here at Ramki more of a meaning…and that’s something that money can’t buy.