Floor, Wall and Ceiling Heating

There’s nothing worse than feeling out of sync with your surroundings. Your home should be a sanctuary tailored to your exact needs. At Ramki, our ideal home is a space that’s comfortable all year round. It heats and cools to suit your needs and is easy to control. Traditional methods of heating are fast becoming outdated. So, we offer a host of smart and exciting systems to reinvent your living space.

Wall, Floor and Ceiling heating or cooling panels can be retrofitted to suit any space providing the ultimate level of comfort. They can seamlessly fit into your space, no bulky, unattractive fittings needed. Whether you’re simply refurbishing part of your home, remodelling or building new, we can design, service and install your perfect solution.


If walls could talk…

They’d thank you. If you’re looking for a way to heat your home that’s efficient, the answer could lie in your walls.

Heating and cooling systems can be fitted in your wall. No unsightly equipment needed. Our Variotherm wall system ModuleWall provides heating and cooling in a single system. It’s a flexible panel which is pre-assembled for installation in walls or ceilings. Great for all year round temperature control. It’s great for saving space, better for the environment and it’s cost effective. It’s also not as complex as it may seem, it’s super easy to use and will revolutionise you’re home and day to day life.

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Walking on sunshine

If you’re looking for a way to heat your home that’s efficient, long lasting and frees up space on your walls then why not try underfloor heating?

Our Variotherm VarioComp compact floor heating changes the game. It is not only ideal for drywall construction, but for gentle renovation of old buildings and for floors where there is no room for screed.
Underfloor heating has been around for a while, with minimal innovations. Our system takes heating your home to the next level. Our system is incredibly thin, but is very powerful. It’s a powerful but sensitive system, letting you adjust it to your exact needs.

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Dancing on the ceiling

Ok, maybe not dancing. But our Variotherm Module Ceiling is pretty unique.

On hot days stay cool, on cool days turn up the heat. Fitting our system in your ceiling is smart, in many ways. It brings down energy costs, gives you ultimate control and it seamlessly fits into your life.

Interested in the tech that makes our Variotherm Module Ceiling work? Take a look >