Cool with a Heat Pump

Why Renewable Energy Heat pumps are a wise choice:

  • Lower your fuel bills
  • Eligible for the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive
  • Lower your home’s carbon emissions
  • Does not require fuel deliveries
  • Little maintenance required

Because you’re stealing heat from Mother Nature herself, a heat pump can reduce the amount of used electricity by at least 30%. Before deciding on a heat pump, there are several key questions to be considered:

  • Is your garden suitable for a ground loop? You don’t need acres of land, but the ground in your garden has to be suitable for digging
  • Is your home appropriately insulated? For the heating system to be effective it is essential that your home is well insulated.
  • Is the system intended for future development? Supplementary way to reduce the cost of installations is to combine it with other building work.