Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery


How does it work?

MVHR systems continuously extract moist, stale and polluted air from rooms such as the bathroom/kitchen that get hot and humid. The warm air is passed over a heat exchange cell which recovers and retains the heat that would otherwise be lost. It is then turned (magically, we won’t bore you with the details) into fresh, filtered air. That air is then used to fill your home helping you breathe easy

Why everybody should have a MVHR?

  • It eliminates condensation and mould that can cause not just cosmetic but structural damage.
  • It is super efficient. In fact up to 91% of heat from extracted air can be retained and transferred to incoming fresh air. Great stats.
  • Forget about it. Once installed it requires minimal maintenance. One more thing to tick off your list.


The e2 operates according to the known principle of regenerative heat exchange which has almost been developed to perfection by the company LUNOS. The so-called AcuVent storage stone is located in the middle of the airflow of an electric motor with axial fan. By a reversing airflow, which results for the targeted change of direction of the fan, the ceramics are charged with heat-energy that is offloaded into the room air and discharged again to the air added from outdoors. This is carried out so effectively that a mere 10% of the heating energy is lost by the ventilation. Efficient filters are just as important. Allergy patients can take a deep breath, pollen and airborne particles can no longer enter the living areas.